Welcome to TAG Heuer Australian Customer Service

In order to optimise the performance of your TAG Heuer timepiece, periodic maintenance and servicing is required. At TAG Heuer’s dedicated Australian Customer Service Centre, master watchmakers use their significant expertise and experience to perform all maintenance work required by its customers.

To utilise TAG Heuer’s online service facility, simply follow these steps:
1. Using the menu below, click on the icon SEND US YOUR WATCH.
2. Complete the repair request form and send your timepiece directly to us. On receipt of your timepiece, you will receive an email notification from TAG Heuer, along with a username and password to access information regarding your repair/service. Your timepiece will then be examined by a watchmaker, who will conduct a series of tests as part of the assessment. A detailed cost estimate will then be prepared free of charge for your consideration.
3. To review the estimate and/or approve your repair or make a payment, select the TRACK YOUR WATCH icon below and enter your username and password. On acceptance of the repair/service, you will then be able to continue tracking its progress throughout the various stages of the repair process.
4. Once your repair/service is complete, TAG Heuer will contact you regarding return of your timepiece.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the service/repair process, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US by selecting the icon below.